Wendy Dillard Law of Attraction Coach, Expert & Teacher
Wendy DillardLaw of Attraction Coach, Expert & Teacher

About Wendy Dillard - Who is she?

Wendy Dillard was seriously desiring something powerful to help her improve the quality of her life when she was intuitively guided to Law of Attraction teachings. She resonated so strongly with the Law of Attraction concepts, she felt certain she’d found “the handbook of life.” However, applying Law of Attraction principles did not come easy at first. But, that didn’t stop her. Armed with a curious mind, fueled with incredible perseverance, and an insatiable desire to decode how thinking affects the quality of life’s experiences, Wendy immersed herself with LOA materials until she started getting positive results. And even when she got negative results, she dissected her thinking to understand how the Law of Attraction was behind that too. Today, it would be accurate to say that Wendy Dillard has Mastered the Art of Applying the Law of Attraction with deliberate intent.


For years, Wendy had been a highly effective Life coach helping others transform their lives primarily using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques as well as intuitive guidance. But the more Wendy focused on Law of Attraction in her personal life, the more Law of Attraction teachings crept into her coaching practice. Now, Wendy calls herself a Law of Attraction coach because it’s the primary focus of her coaching.


Wendy’s blend of personal experiences, a full tool-bag of transformational techniques, plus her hands-on work with the Law of Attraction has resulted in enthusiastic reviews from her clients. Wendy’s style is conversational while she uncovers key pieces of information. Then, articulating concepts through stories & metaphors, Wendy teaches her clients how to specifically apply the Law of Attraction to any situation in their life. And as a result, they show up in the world feeling more empowered and attracting more of what they want, instead of what they don't want! Her clients describe it as “that thing that Wendy does!” They can’t really label it, but they know they had an experience unlike any other. 


What other people call miracles and amazing coincidences, Wendy considers normal and the way life is intended to be. She lives in such synchronicity with people, places & things, you'd think she had a fairy god-mother magically orchestrating her life. And her greatest passion is imparting the insights of how to live in the beautiful synchronicity of ease and magical flow that Law of Attraction delivers to those that seek it.


Wendy Dillard is a happy woman, enjoying an exceptionally fulfilling & joyful life. She continually refines what she knows about Law of Attraction as she deliberately manifests bigger, better & faster! On many mornings, she can be found listening for that quiet/subtle intuitive voice within. And then, she spends time basking in the fresh, new insights she receives. Stemming from a compelling belief that she could have it all, Wendy discovered that living happily ever after is not just for fairy tales; but happily ever after is our birthright.

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Law of Attraction coaching is for those that Believe & Practice the Law of Attraction AND are highly inspired to increase their successfulness when Deliberately using Law of Attraction principles. The benefits are personal transformation, self-empowerment, personal growth and deeper spiritual connection.

Coaching is done by phone.

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