The true essence held within the Law of Attraction principles can transform your life!

Maybe, you're feeling confused, frustrated, angry or disappointed that life is not turning out the way you'd like. Maybe you've been thinking, there's something wrong with you. Maybe, you've been thinking you're flawed or unworthy. Well, I'm here to tell you "it's not your fault." Hear me, "it's not your fault!" I know you didn't set out to purposely sabotage your happiness. No one does that on purpose. BUT, we do pick up negative thoughts, beliefs and energies along life's journey (especially when we were small children) unknowingly. And it's those negative buggers that set some pretty unpleasant patterns in place.


Are you intelligent, brilliant, or a visionary? And you know deep inside, you're meant to do something big & meaningful, but, you can't seem to get that huge dream in motion. If this describes you, you've probably been chasing the latest self-help seminars, teachers or programs, still without finding the happiness you've been seeking... and maybe you've even tried to identify your limiting beliefs or negative thinking without success, then perhaps what you're ready for now – is for me to shine a spotlight exactly where it needs to be pointed in order to blow those old paradigms out of your life for good!


I have the expertise to zero in on those specific thoughts, beliefs or vibrational energies that have robbed you from your joy. And then, as soon as those belligerent thoughts have been exposed for the wayward troublemakers they'd been, we replace them with inspiring, uplifting, powerful thoughts.


It may sound unbelievable, but hundreds of my clients attest to the power of my laser-like approach. They've expressed how they experience an ease in living they never thought possible. They love the positive shifts in their perceptions allowing them to see life through new eyes. My laser-sharp coaching ultimately transforms the quality of life. Happiness is not only possible, it's your birthright!



Don't you desire to live your life

purposefully, deliberately and with passion?


If so, you've come to the right place. For over 30 years, I've been inspiring, encouraging, & educating others with nothing more than a conversation. 


I'm all about finding the strategies for living a great life. I figured out that most of my life I was living by default – meaning the programming in my head wasn't there because I deliberately put it there. (Sound familiar?) Instead, the majority of my daily thoughts and beliefs were picked up along my life's journey.  And I didn't like a lot of what was there.


So, I've been incrementally exchanging my life lived by default for my life lived by my own design!


Today, I've moved myself up the emotional scale from frustration and daily disappointments, up to enthusiastically & continually hopeful & optimistic. Even when life throws tomatoes at me, I've learned how to turn my thinking around, and recognize that I could take those same tomatoes and mix up a fabulous salsa!


No negative experience is wasted anymore. Every one of these negativities is filled with the rich potentiality for something good in my life. But, I had to learn how to unlock those positive perceptions. And as a result of thinking differently, my life is filled with excitement beyond words. I now have so many rewarding experiences that I sometimes can't contain myself. It's truly a night & day difference to when I was still chasing the next best thing. (You're ready to feel that way too, aren't you?) If this sounds intriguing and you believe you deserve a brighter, happier & more fulfilling future, then this is definitely for you.


I know that what I'm talking about – completely changed my life and I’m no longer chasing after the proverbial next best thing – hoping to finally be happy. I’ve found my happy. Today, I am fulfilled. I’ve re-ignited my inner passions. I’m connected to my inner power that knows no bounds. I’ve found my courage to be my authentic self. And that’s what I want for you too!  So, if you have a desire to find your happy (or find out what the heck that is?), call me.


Those that I've coached, are amazed at the profound shift in their perceptions. They're astonished by how positively awesome they feel. And they take that awesome feeling with them into their life, so it's not just a feel good that wears off. I've found that "words don't actually teach, but it's experience that's the best teacher." So, my intention is not to simply "tell you stuff" – but to provide a session where you have an undeniable experience! 


My passionate intent, is for you to create powerful transformation in your life. Ultimately, through guided conversation, I gently help you to uncover those negative thoughts & beliefs that have previously kept you from having what you desire, and more importantly assist you to become free to be the powerful person that you were intended to be!


I like to say that "the quality of your life is determined the quality of your habitual thinking." But, knowing how to apply that truth can be a bit tricky. However, it's made much easier when you have a mentor to help you gain awareness of those pesky thoughts. So, what you can expect from my style of life coaching is freedom!


I’m a life coach, but I think of myself more as an educator, encourager and guidance counselor – guiding others toward their ultimate potential. I see what I do as a pathway for anyone to expand one's choices and be more proactive about designing a purposeful life. I do this by being sensitive to intuitive wisdom which guides me in knowing just the right insight to share or the appropriate technique to use which has resulted in clients receiving personal breakthroughs session after session. I get so excited as my clients experience epiphanies, new perceptions and life changing breakthroughs!



Law of Attraction Life Coaching Sessions:


1) Facilitate personal transformation for creating a feel-good & happy life.

2) Identify the underlying thoughts responsible for unwanted circumstances and replacing them with liberating thoughts.

3) Teach practical life skills that you probably missed while growing up

4) Provide principles for successful living

5) Help you re-connect with your inner joy!



If you're ready to make a dramatic shift in your life toward feeling perpetually happy, say... "Yes, I want it!" Call Wendy at 972-228-2808.


If you don't do something different now, nothing will ever change.

Don't you deserve to Live Your Destiny?


The most valuable investment you can make is in yourself!

You're worth it, aren't you?

If you're ready to


call for a free CHANGE MY LIFE consultation


Turn today's despair

into hope

for a fabulous tomorrow.


Re-connect with

your magnificent,

authentic self.


Feel centered,

aligned, and

living in peace.


Unleash a powerful

sense of well-being!

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